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A Samsung security camera will help you to keep an eye on what’s happening in your residence when you are not there. If you want to have a peace of mind knowing that your family and home is safe, Samsung security system is a good investment spending on it. Technology for smart houses is drastically improved in the last decade – meaning that there are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to Samsung security cameras. With this being a fact, you may find it hard to find a camera that will suit your needs. This article will help you to understand the difference between types of Sams security cameras, their features, and how they can improve your overall lifestyle and keep your home safe.

What should you pay attention?

As with any other product with Samsung security camera, some features are more critical when it comes to Samsung cameras. Below are some of the key features you have to consider when you’re choosing between different models.

Samsung security camera view field

View field

On most of the cameras view filed ranges between 90 and 140 degrees. If you plan to keep an eye on a large room or your backyard, you should consider a camera with a broader view filed so that you can monitor the whole area. This also means that you will most likely spend more money on the model. Go with the model that has a narrower view field if you want to monitor just the entryway to save a couple of bucks.

Samsung security camera resolution


Camera security systems don’t usually support 4K resolution. This is mainly since 4K resolution consumes a lot of storage space and bandwidth. It’s recommended to go with the Samsung security camera 1080p model for the best details you can get.

Camera security systems don’t usually support 4K resolution. This is mainly since 4K resolution consumes a lot of storage space and bandwidth. It’s recommended to go with the Samsung security camera 1080p model for the best details you can get.

Samsung security camera motion detection

Motion detection

As the name suggests, this feature will alert you when there’s movement in a specified area. This will keep you safe from vandals, but also inform you when a delivery man is at your front door. You can find cameras with motion detection up to 270 degrees, but ones with 90 degrees will do just fine. You may be able to see some Samsung cameras with lights that get activated when the motion is detected.


A Samsung video camera with a two-way audio feature will help you to speak to whoever is in front of the camera. However, security cameras usually don’t have audio features, and only some of them have two-way audio. Also, you may find some cameras with a siren included which you can turn on to scare off animals or intruders.


Storage is one of the critical things you have to pay attention to when you’re buying a Samsung wireless camera. Cameras are always backed up with a storage plan so that they can record and keep videos safe on a platform in case you ever need the footage. These storage spaces are usually up to 100 gigabytes in size.

Night vision

Almost every Samsung outdoor camera will offer you a night vision feature. This is very important in case you want to monitor your home 24/7. This is also very important for people who don’t live in cities and who encounter nocturnal animals often. Night vision will help you to make sure that raccoons are making noises in your yard and not some scary creatures!

Performance under low-light

You want to find a camera with a wide aperture. This is mainly because the night vision capabilities won’t activate in dimly lit areas sometimes. Your camera will be able to absorb more light if it has a wide aperture – meaning that dimly lit areas won’t show only as shadows. You will get more details, and you will be able to have a better understanding of what’s happening with this feature. 

Power source

If you are a professional or can hire a handyman, wiring your Samsung cameras into a power line won’t be a problem, and you won’t have to deal with the eyesore of power cords. On the other side, a Samsung wireless security camera system can be placed wherever you want to in just a few moments. The only thing you have to maintain is the battery. A camera that needs to be powered through a cable has to be placed near an outlet all the time.

App support

The modern Samsung cameras will almost always come with an app that you can use on your phone or computer. Some cameras are better in sending you notifications and syncing everything together than others. 


One of the critical factors when you’re getting a new Samsung wireless security camera. Some cameras have no neck and are on a flat platform. This limits the space where they can be pointed out. Others have a very long neck and a slim platform which allows their placement on almost any surface.


Of course, you will have to pay for the camera up front. You will also have to pay an installation fee for some full house systems. Some cameras will require you to pay for monthly plans to unlock all features.

Indoor security cameras

This type of cameras has a vast range of options such as professional monitoring, self-monitoring, professional installation, DIY installation, wireless, or hardwired. You will most likely find a Samsung IP camera available. However, the functionality of today’s smart home features allowed almost all security cameras to work automatically with other smart home products. A new Samsung all in one security system is a lot easier to install and is easily controlled, accessed, and monitored by a user-friendly mobile app.

Samsung security camera indoor

This means that you have to determine the way you’re going to use your indoor Samsung Wisenet security system. Do you want your camera to be permanently in a single place or do you want to move it around? Do you want to keep an eye on your pets and kids? Do you need significant storage space for saving recorded footage? How long do you need it stored? These are only some of the questions that you have to answer before you even think about buying a new security system. You want to stay in the boundaries of your budget but still get the best value and performance of the cameras. 


When it comes to prices, buying a low-priced indoor security camera may not be a smart move as you will probably be buying a fake one. You don’t have to worry about spending too much since security cameras have become a common thing and their price is pretty low. You can buy a Samsung full HD video security system for a little more than $100.

Wireless or hardwired?

You should probably go with the wireless model just because it’s a lot easier to install it and use. If you buy a camera that requires a wire to be working correctly, you should remember that you won’t be able to place it wherever you want to and it will be permanently in a single spot. Also, remember that having a wired security camera will require some drilling, so if you’re not very handy with tools to consider hiring someone who is.


The resolution should also be on point. The optimal resolution is 1080p as it will give you the best results. It also works great in rooms with bad lighting. This resolution will help you to monitor the room when your baby is sleeping, and that’s why it is recommended. However, you can always go with an IP camera with 4 or 5 megapixels. It will do the job but not as good as 1080p will.


Two-way audio is not necessary for an indoor security camera as you won’t be talking over a camera with someone who is already in your house. You can save a couple of bucks on this feature and go with the one-way audio, or with no audio at all. It won’t affect the primary purpose of the indoor camera at all.

Other features

Having a night vision feature could be right but also not necessary as you will be sleeping at night most of the time. The only reason to have this is to provide evidence to police if your camera is recording at night and burglars come into your house. Chances for this to happen are, and you can go without this feature too.

Outdoor Samsung security camera

This type of cameras is designed mainly to monitor an outdoor area of your choice. Usually, they are placed in driveways, walkways, or entrances. However, the placement will be determined by the owner of the house as we all have different needs. You should place the camera in a safe, discreet, spot but it should be able to catch as much surface as possible.

Samsung security camera outdoor

Outdoor cameras can be wireless or wired, meaning that you can place them almost anywhere. With a Samsung DVR and a computer, you will be able to check all the feeds from the warmth of your home. You will also be able to connect your outdoor camera with almost any smart home security system if you subscribe to a monitoring service.

This service will alert you when there’s an emergency. You can also surveil your property remotely from you’re a phone or tablet. Almost every camera will capture the video and store it. You can use the footage later when you need it.

Ease of use

You can start using the camera as soon as you install it. Hire a professional if you’re not good with tools and you are good to go. The camera will start recording activities in its field of view. You will be able to access it through a wireless network or a DVR from a central location of your house. Usually, outdoor security cameras can be programmed to record at a specific time – meaning that you can record the video only at night for security purposes.

Number of cameras

You can lessen the number of cameras in your backyard if you choose one with a big field of view. Of course, this depends on the size of a property, and you may even need a couple of cameras with a full field of view. Cameras that can cover your backyard area usually can include up to 40 feet and 104 degrees of movement.


There are three main categories when it comes to outdoor security cameras. The first category is bullet shaped cameras. It is named after its unique design and is best suited to a ceiling mount or a wall. Bullet shaped cameras are ideal for entrance areas as they serve the purpose when they’re pointing in one direction. Usually, they can’t be zoomed in or moved.

Dome cameras are very obvious.  They are designed with this in mind as the purpose of these cameras is to get noticed. They are usually used in houses that required a lot of protection. Also, the best spot for them is on the entryway since they will immediately be noticed by anyone who is visiting the property.

The third category is opposite to the previous ones. These cameras are usually disguised as a plant, an electrical box, or a clock. However, keep on mind that you can hide any camera inside a tree or a planter.

Conclusion of Samsung security cameras

There are numerous things you need to consider when you are getting a new Samsung security camera. This article will help you only so far. Something you need to think is the placement of the cameras, how big is your backyard or an entryway, and if the rooms in your house are properly lighted. When you get these questions out of the way, you should start considering other details about the camera you want to buy.

Pricing shouldn’t be a problem for any user as security cameras are priced fairly nowadays and are not reserved only for rich people. Every smart house should have a security camera, and hopefully, this article will help you to choose the best one for your needs!



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