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Smart house security is a new future

The home security system has experienced significant technological upgrades, with the most recent technical update. It led to the mushrooming of smart home security systems which are currently widely used due to its high level of effectiveness in terms of cost and maintenance.

It is a big relief to home owners since they no longer need to sign up for an expensive long term monitoring of their home. Currently, the homeowners can acquire the security system of their choice and do the monitoring using their smartphones from any part of the world.

There has been a stereotype that choosing the best home security system that suits individuals need is complicated and can only be done by a professional but in a real sense that is not the gospel truth.

You can now choose from the full range of existing home security systems that best suits your needs and budget.

Your home is your palace. I am sure you want to keep it safe as much as possible. Do you have an existing security system in your home? Or you don’t have and want to set up a home security system for your castle? Or you want to upgrade the existing home security system to match your increasing needs?

Generally, there are three types of home security systems namely:

  • Basic home security system

This is the most straightforward security system. It includes systems like single sensor security alarms.

  • Intermediate home security system

This is much more advanced as compared to the primary home security system. It includes methods such as dial-out security systems. The unique features of this security system are that it can be set up with multiple sensors, its installation is super simple and its ease in monitoring the system since it can be connected to your smartphone to alert you or any of your family about any emergency.

  • Advanced Smart home security system

This is the latest technological advancement in a home security system. With functional internet connectivity such as Wi-Fi as a homeowner using a smart home security system you can monitor and control the system from your smartphone from any part of the world.

This includes security products such as:

  • Smart home sensors
  • Bluetooth security camera
  • Door alarm keypad among many other security products


You will agree with me that a perfect security system for individual – A can be an entirely a wrong match for individual – B. Therefore, do not copy a neighbour’s or a friend’s security system since it might not serve your expectations.

Before you decide on which company to approach for the home security service it is ideal you prioritize your primary need for having the security system at your home.

With that knowledge, you can quickly identify a security company that is providing a security system that is well-tailored to cater for your needs, a system with no contract, whether you want a company with a system with a low cost of monitoring or the latest home automation gear.

Here is a list of top ten home security companies that you might want to consider depending on your needs;

  • Vivint Smart home

It is the best home automation security company. They provide the professional installation with zero cost automation. They offer 24/7 full-time monitoring of your security system for about $ 1 per day. To request this service, you can contact them via their telephone number:1-855-579-9600.

  • Frontpoint

Highly recognized for best easy DIY installation. They have a variety of plans which you can choose from. To contact them call them via their telephone number: +1-833-408-8430

  • ATD

Well known for its good reputation by its options like ATD money back guarantee and its wide range of security system solutions with a monthly cost for as low as $27.99 per month. I am sure this one company you might consider. To contact them call +1-877-230-8030

  • Link Interactive

Well known for its unique ability of some security system customisation according to the homeowners need. For more information kindly contact them by calling them. Telephone number: +1-855-237-4610.

  • SimpliSafe

Best known for its flexibility and its affordable rates starting from$14.99 per month. To contact them call: +1-800-297-1605

  • Protect America

This is the most outstanding landline option. Though it also offers cellular monitoring. They have affordable monthly plans from $19.99 per month. For inquiries call: +1-888-255-7812

  • Brinks

It has a useful feature like mobile access and home automation support. To request for their services kindly call them via +1-833-327-4657.

  • Nest Secure

Highly recognized for its unique interconnectivity. This is the best option for people already using any Nest security system, so instead of acquiring a new security company, you can request for an order from the company that will cater for all your needs.  To reach them, you can visit their website for any inquiries. 

  • Scout

If you are looking for a highly affordable home Security System Company, then Scout got you covered. It is one of the best DIY home security system provider. To contact them kindly visit their website to check on plans available any information you might need.

  •   Adobe

It is cost effective since it allows self-monitoring of the security system, you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription to the company for monitoring your security system. Visit their website to get all the necessary information including plans available.


Home automation is also commonly known as domotics, and any home with the installation of the automation system is also called a smart home.

Home automation is a technological advancement that allows the automatic control of the bulk electronic, electrical and technology-based tasks within a home.

Saving you time and money home automation products give you the ability and freedom to control your home’s lighting, some décor, and appliances from a smartphone, smartwatch or even voice control.

Several home automation apps can help control your smart home products even if you are a thousand miles away from your home.

The top home automation apps include:

  • Insteon, Nest, Honeywell, SmartThings, WeMo, Ring, and Philips Hue.

There are various technologies used to facilitate the functioning of the smart home system, and this includes Wi-Fi, radio frequency and power lines or any combination of these.

Before choosing a home automation system for your home, there are various ideas you will want to consider such cost, ability to customize the system to meet your needs, safety and convenience.

Several home automation ideas could make a whole book of its own if we were to write exclusively about them. Here are some of the best home automation ideas that you may want to try at your home:

  • Smart home security

The use of home automation systems to boost protection of dwellings is a technological trend that is currently used by many.

Every individual wants to make their home safe and smart home security system is the best cure for this.Your smart home security system that you use will mainly depend on your choice on DIY or professional installation.

  • The Alarm Security System

The security alarm system is designed to be able to detect intrusion or any authorized entry into a building or restricted areas. Alarm system serves a various purpose for example protection against theft, property damage or even for the safety of kids. There is a wide variety of alarm security system that one can choose from depending on the needs and other factors such as a budget.  The alarm security systems that commonly and widely used are; intruder alarm combo, door alarm for kids, door alarm with keypad, door alarm with remote and home kit alarm system.

Specific examples of this alarm systems include; GE personal security alarm kit which is mainly used to give alerts of potential intruders and Chlage Camelot touchscreen deadbolt with Z-wave Technology and built-in alarm whose deadbolt is highly exceptional and its ability to send signals to connected devices in case of intrusion.

Home automation ideas related alarm security system

  1. If there is any security breach program the alarm to go on automatically and all unclosed doors to lock automatically
  2. In case of more than three wrong passwords in your entries which requires passwords program the alarms to go on automatically

Advantages of using alarm security systems

  • The ease of managing the system even while far away just by using the smartphone
  • No monthly monitoring fee required
  • The devices are quite affordable

Disadvantages of using an alarm security system

  • When the connected devices are off or out of our reach or if an individual is busy one might fail to get the alert hence leading a security breach.

 The Cameras Security System

Security cameras are not just ordinary cameras, and they have excellent features that make them unique and useful to perfume their duty. There are many smart home security systems using cameras as their main feature. This includes operations like: Bluetooth security cameras, wireless IP cameras, Network surveillance cameras, HD baby camera, Indoor night vision camera among many security-oriented cameras.

The smart home camera security system helps an individual to get a clear picture of what going on at home when if they are thousands of miles always as long as they can access the cameras through their smartphones. Some of the unique home automation ideas related to cameras are;

  • Receive an alert when your security cameras detect motion
  • Ability to accesses your photo and video feet remotely from any part of the world
  • Having the image from the surveillance camera appear on the screen on any TV in the house when someone rings the doorbell
  • Having a specific program that can be used to control strategically positioned surveillance camera to stream security videos to select TV and touchscreens

Advantages of using home automation system related to a camera security system

  • They are easy to install
  • They are compatible with Android and IOS
  • They are easy to monitor, and this can be done even if an individual is far away from home
  • Some can store the footage for a period of up to one month; therefore in case of any need, the homeowner can access the previous footage
  • Majority of them are affordable and accessible to maintain since they have their batteries and use home Wi-Fi

Limitations of using home automation system related to a camera security system

  1. With no internet connection such as Wi-Fi, they cannot effectively function.
  2. Those who do not have their inbuilt batteries requires electricity to work therefore in case of power shortage at home this kind of camera security system cannot work since there is no alternative source of power to keep them running.

Sensors as home security systems

Depending on the size of the home, individuals will always prefer using a combination of the sensors, cameras and the alarm security system to keep their homes safe. A combination of the three gives the optimum results, but you can choose to use any of them depending on your security needs.

There are several sensors which can be used to help boost security at home. They include wireless outdoor motion sensor with indoor alert, Wi-Fi door sensor, smart home sensors, window sensors, and water-leak sensors. Specific examples of these sensors that you might want to consider are; Schlage door sensor and window sensor, Echolink Z-wave door, and window sensor and, Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-wave multi-sensors.

The sensors capable of detecting motion, temperature, humidity, and temperature in its immediate surrounding.

And smart technology you can get alerts from these devices in from anywhere you are no matter how far it is.

Home automation ideas in terms of Sensors as a home security system

  • Use of door motion sensor to keep your garage door open when you are working in your garage
  • Using the door sensor to automatically close your doors when left open for more than 10 minutes
  • Use of driveway motion sensors so that when a motion is sensed the cameras goes to a home position, lights go on automatically, the cameras start recording, and the alerts are sent to the connected smart devices
  • Water leak sensors can sense any water leakage and shut off your water to avoid water wastage or even destruction of property

Advantages of Using Sensors as a home security system

  • Ability to be able to control and monitor the system from a smart device even if you are away from home is a big plus
  • Most sensors have an inbuilt battery system which can last too as much as seven years; therefore, even in case of power breakdown, your home is still secured
  • Sensors are very affordable where some cost less than $ 50
  • No monthly subscription needed


  • No police connection
  • This sensors are elementary and are not immune to pet motion
  • Limited warranty and technical support from the DIY Company

Apartments Security System

Apartments are more vulnerable to theft and other forms of insecurity due to simple locks, open windows, and negligence of some renters that other people within the studio will notice the presence of any danger within the apartment.

Criminals, therefore, thrive best in this kind of scenarios where security is not given a priority. It is true that renting comes with a lot of restrictions, but it’s your mandate as a renter to keep yourself and property safe. Most apartment owners install the security systems in their apartments to keep their clients and the apartment unharmed.

These security systems installations are always maintained by monthly subscriptions of the renters of these apartments. Therefore, choosing a reliable, easy to manage and effective security system is very vital to apartment owners.

They can always choose to install DIY security systems or professional installations which are done and monitored with various security within your locality.

The apartment security systems include systems such as:

  • Video surveillance for apartments

This helps to enhance apartment security by recording the real-time footage of the happenings within the condo. The footage can also be retrieved in case an incident occurs within the apartment.

  •   Smart things door lock

This automatic door locks more so for the main gate is a big solution of renters negligence of leaving the gate open while entering or leaving the apartment.

This will help control the entry of the intruders without the permission or assistance of the responsible individuals like the apartment security guard.

  • Subscription to any a security plan that fits your needs

Most apartment owners have found it easy to subscribe for a monthly or yearly plan with security companies within their localities that has security features that best suits their needs. The advantage of this is that the security company does the professional installation, professional monitoring of your apartment and you are connected to police in case of an emergency like theft or fire.

The security companies offer a wide range of security system that best suits your apartment and budget.

Final Word

Some still find it difficult to choose the best security solution that can cater to their security needs since they believe that those are decisions that can only be made by security personnel.

As a home or apartment owner protecting your home, property and your tenants his one of the most significant obligations that you don’t want to fail at.

The recent technological development of a security system to a smart security system has made this very easy and effective since homeowners can monitor and get security alerts from their phone even if they are far away from home.

Having a good and reliable security system saves you problems like theft, fire, water leakage, and many other security issues.

Therefore, getting the right security system for your home and apartment will save you a lot.



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