Ring security system review

Ring alarm system reviews

alarm system

Ring security system at first may look too cheap to be true. Main parts of this system are Ring base station, Ring keypad, Ring alarm contact sensor. It may seem like essential gadgets, but in one order it becomes a super simple and useful security system.

Concept of RING security system is to fight against criminal activities in neighborhoods. Started from wireless doorbell which gave for a user an option to see at his/her mobile phone who is at the door. The company continued its work by creating other gadgets for home security.

It is incredible that in this system, you can add additional parts to secure other objects.

Windows sensor – Ring security

Ring security windows sensor

Like for windows you may add windows sensor and control it through the same system. Ring glass break sensor is handy for people who live on the first floor. The best target by looking at the house for thieves is the first floor. It is enough that a pair of door/window sensor is 1cm from each other, the system will trigger the alarm. By adding to this system an wireless infrared detector with 120 wide detection angle, up to 12m detection distance will create protection wall from any intruders, even domestic animals.

Systems sensor smoke detector – Ring security

Ring security smoke detection

The same would be with a smoke detector. The FirstAlert smoke and carbon monoxide sensor can be implemented into a system just in a few seconds. This will inform all members who are using a single Ring system about a fire which appears at the house at any place and time.

Wireless motion sensor

For those who like control of their property – Ring motion sensor range may suggest 30 feet motion detection. With a ring motion detector, owner of a ring app will instantly get a notification of intruders. Ring motion detection is useful for those who have their own houses and by that have additional property around it. 

Ring security motion sensor

User may have as many gadgets as it wants at the same system and control it through a single app. Ring app for Windows 10 is one of the most popular among users, but it still has some issues by working with Alexa and Google Assistant. We may see a bright light here after Amazon bought the Ring system.

Ring protection plan and Ring security system reviews

Let’s start from the basics. Just take a break and think about what is the most critical security aspects which may help you by being at home.

Free ring doorbell

Ring security doorbell

Most of us are using the doorbell, and here Ring has its solution, which is ring doorbell with a live video screen. There are few options of those bells. You may use a ring doorbell with a battery, or which will connect your house electricity network. Ring doorbell battery life is between 6 to 12 months. While Ring doorbell installation cost starts from $99.99 so it is an entirely reasonable price for your first security part of security kit. Still why we say it is free? Because by purchasing a ring security system, you may ask the seller to get this part for free as a gift. Cause by buying whole security kit you already become a loyal and vital customer.

Ring panic button

panic button

This one is a must to have for those who have health issues or lives in a district where criminal activity is not a rare case. 

Ring alarm panic button will immediately connect you with 24/7 professional monitoring center which will send local authorities to your place. We all sometimes have health issues or accidents at home, and that is why it is crucial to have a fast connection with other people who may help us at the right moment.  

Ring solar security sign

security sign

Solar security sign as basic as it sounds may protect your property just by being near your place. A stick with a sign “Protected by Ring – audio/video surveillance” which have a light during the night time. At first, it may look a piece of metal and plastic without any security option, but for most of the thieves, it may show that this place may have high protection and it drives off many of bad guys.

Ring doorbell app for PC

To have full control of all security gadgets, you may use a ring app for windows and Mac iOS. At one software window, you will control all parts of security kit just by clicking on function buttons.


Is the ring security system any good?

The price of Ring security system is affordable, quick install and easy to use and manage with application for whole system.

Is Ring better than ADT?

Ring offers solar-generated equipment which it makes its product more unique. Also all equipments may be installed by the consumer. While ADT requires professional specialist to install all equipment, but ADT main different is that not all gadgets will be wireless which is the only option for Ring security kit.

How much does ring security system cost?

Price of Ring gadgets start from 20$ for sensors and ends with security cameras which may cost around 300$. Service fee for a year is 30$ or 3$ for additional camera.

Are ring doorbells safe?

Despite it is a smart security device it may be stolen by thieves. Ring will send you a new one free of charge in case it would happen.



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