How a GPS Tracker Conquered an ORC Ring?

GPS powerful performance

There was a knock on the door. It was the police. Inside the house, the members of an organized retail crime (ORC) ring couldn’t believe how quickly they were tracked down. Their downfall was brought on by the GPS tracking device (GPS chip) hidden inside a handbag they just stole from a local retailer. Tracking the handbag’s movement with Google Maps, the store’s LP team was able to lead police to its exact location, and enough evidence was recovered to arrest and prosecute the shoplifting group. A hidden GPS tracker was so small and can have similar structure like a pen. Usually, it is a passive GPS tracker which is activated when the customer informs police about theft.

GPS tracking technology has become retail’s new ally in the fight against organized theft. As technology has evolved, GPS tracking devices have become increasingly smaller (mini GPS tracker chip), making them easier to conceal inside a variety of merchandise. The tracking systems allow LP teams to easily set up a “geofence” (a defined area where the item is supposed to be) and get email or text notifications if the item breaches the geofence.

Annual revenue from wearable sensors like gps tracking devices

It is also very useful for companies which have a parking business. By adding a hidden GPS tracker to each car of their clients in the parking place. It will increase a security and may reduce insurance costs.

Google Maps serve as a security service

Once the item leaves the place where it’s supposed to be, the LP team can track its movement using Google Maps via computer, tablet or smartphone. More advanced GPS trackers have an adjustable frequency of notification; more frequent pings use up the battery quicker, and being able to manually change the frequency is important in order to prolong the battery life and track the item longer. Unless a person uses a passive GPS tracker which activates its battery only if customer information security company or police. Then those kinds of trackers may stay active very long.

In addition to being able to track the stolen item to the ORC ring’s base of operations, GPS tracking systems also provide chain-of-custody data needed to prosecute later. Electronic “breadcrumbs” are recorded, showing the item’s path of travel from the store to its ultimate location.

Hidden tracking devices for cars

Tracking devices became very popular among car holders. Due to the fact that to install a GPS in a car became very easy. Even if your car provider does not provide to you this kind of option, you may easily do it by yourself. A hidden GPS tracker for a car is a new solution to find a car stealer sooner then they will be sold your car.

In case you do not know did a car seller added a tracking device to your car, it is easy to check. Where is a GPS tracking device installed on a car? This info usually is a secret even for customers just to be more secure. Usually, it is a beneath the dash, under the car seats or vehicle, on the rear shelf of the vehicle, or in some other location that does not interfere with other vehicle electronics.

Is it illegal to remove GPS tracking device on a car?

It is not unless you have a contract with a car dealer or police. A contract that your car must have a GPS chip added – a police car tracker. It is usually must to have for expensive or rare car models which must be on protection to get an insurance for the car.
To track cars which have been stolen became very easy. Police activate car tracker system for customer stolen car which activates a passive GPS tracker. Aware GPS systems even let you track a car by using a mobile app and see police activities.

Where to hide a GPS tracker on a car?

Hide where thieves will definitely not search for it. A GPS trailer tracking systems are usually implemented in the core of trailers. Some trailer companies implementing tracking devices in wheels of the trailer. While hidden tracking devices for cars are usually implemented in a car engine. It cannot be removed unless you will take out some or even most of the engine parts. Still thinking where to hide a GPS tracker on a car if you do not have it? Just hide it where you think that nobody will hope to find it.

Mini GPS tracker chip for people

A decrease in the price of GPS systems will result in that more and more people will have tracking chips in their bodies. This will provide a lot of benefits for citizens and businesses. Companies will have an option to target your attention by analyzing your location, moving speed, weather conditions.

From tracking your automobiles till children movements to and from a school. We may see GPS tracking devices for a spouse as well. This became quite popular when tracking chip became enough small to hide it in your spouse coat and with waterproof GPS systems, you even may go much further. Or just by having a trackmate GPS applications between spouses. You name it, GPS assecories, GPS tracker sim card, GPS chip or any other tracking piece will be extremely popular.

How to track a phone without them knowing?

By using a GPS tracker SIM card. Which is a simple SIM card which we know, but with some additional features? Telecommunication company may provide to you this option if a SIM card holder accepts this. This option is very useful if your mobile phone would be stolen. Then your mobile network service may track where it is or unless where a sim card is.

GPS extra signals

The most advanced GPS trackers don’t use just GPS signals to pinpoint their location – they also use secondary signals, such as from Wi-Fi or cellular networks. This is important in dense urban areas, such as New York or San Francisco, where tall buildings can decrease GPS accuracy. Thanks to the use of the secondary signals, these advanced GPS devices can accurately pinpoint their locations not just on a map, but even report a specific floor or a room within a building.

GPS technology has proven itself many times over in military, consumer and fleet management applications. As more retailers embrace its full benefits, it promises to transform the world of loss prevention too. ORC ring now has a lot more to fear – that every item they steal might have a hidden tracker inside. And that the police will come knocking at the door quicker than ever before.



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