Hawkeye® security ink tag

See the ink? Thieves see it as well.

Hawkeye leaves no doubt what will happen if it will be removed. Thieves leave it alone. For those thicker-headed thieves to whom visual deterrence is not enough finally there is a solution like the Hawkeye security tag also features EAS technology—AM or RF. Your honest customers will appreciate Hawkeye’s thin profile and ergonomically curved back. As a result they won’t even feel the tag when trying an item on – even skinny jeans!

Hawkeye is super-easy to put on and remove, allowing for very quick throughput.

• Visible ink vial for strong
   visual deterrence
• Tamper resistant
• Patented breaking mechanism
• Quick application and removal
   reduces labor costs
• Choice of AM or RF

Common Uses
• Denims, shirts and other apparel
• Jackets and outerwear
• Shoes
• Bed and bath



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