What is Convex mirror?

Mirrors are some of the most common objects we see in our surroundings. You all probably have one in your house, while some of you went even further and made it a smart one. However, mirrors are also used a lot as a security measure. A lot of different businesses and stores use some form of a security mirror – both large and small. But by now you’re probably wondering:

What is a security mirror?

A security mirror helps in a lot of different ways and situations. One common example you’ve occurred into are the driveway mirrors. In places where vision is limited when you’re trying to enter or exit, driveway mirrors are placed to help you see incoming traffic. Similar types of these security mirrors are also used in the big industries. Operating heavy machinery between tight spots can be a challenge, and these types of mirrors help them in operating better. Security mirrors have a wide use among both businesses and in our personal lives. But, to see where they’re used, we have to know first how they work.

So, how do security mirrors work?

scheme of Convex mirror

Basically, security mirrors are a type of convex mirrors. Convex mirrors are curved mirrors in which the reflective surface bulges towards the light source. They form a virtual image, with the focal point and the center of the curvature being both imaginary points “inside” the mirror. They cannot be reached, which results in images formed by these mirrors that cannot be projected on a screen. Also, the image is smaller than the object, but it gets bigger as the object approaches the mirror.

Uses of convex mirror

Security Mirror - Convex mirror

There are many different applications and uses of convex mirror. They can be used as a utility, safety or security mirror. Here are some of the most common uses:

convex mirror is a spherical reflecting surface (or any reflecting surface fashioned into a portion of a sphere) in which its bulging side faces the source of light. 

Side car mirrors

The side mirrors on a car use a type of convex mirror. These mirrors help the driver see other cars coming from behind, giving you information about their location and some common perception about your position among them. In many countries, these mirrors are labeled with “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”, warning the driver of the distorting effect the convex mirror has. Convex mirrors are mostly preferred in automobiles because they showcase an upright image with a wider field of view.

Hallway safety mirrors

The first mirrors that we mentioned at the beginning – the hallway safety mirrors (or more commonly known as corner mirror) allow getting an image behind a sharp corner. These are mostly used in traffic, where visibility is limited for an exit of a corner.

However, these are also used in factories and various other buildings. As an example, large industries and factories use these mirrors to assist drivers of heavy vehicles. Various buildings also have these convex mirrors in the hallways, like hospitals, hotels, schools or stores. And they serve the same purpose – mounted on walls or ceilings where hallways intersect or where sharp turns are being made.

Automated teller machines

Some types of automated teller machines use convex mirrors as a simple security feature. Namely, they allow the user to see what’s happening behind them. There are also versions of convex glass that are sold to be attached to a computer monitor. In the process, they make everything seem smaller while covering a large area of surveillance.

Luxury convex mirror

Back in the 15th century, convex mirrors were valued as luxury items, often decorated and placed in the homes of rich families. They were also used as security mirrors in banks, due to their large field of view. An interesting note is that back then, making a regular curved mirror was easier than making a flat one, due to the limitations of available technology.

Shop security mirrors

Convex mirror

Another common use of these mirrors is in smaller shops. Small business owners often use these mirrors as a form of surveillance over smaller areas. Due to their small form factor, they fit nicely on shelves or corners inside small shops, while also giving you an overview of a place you’re obstructed of seeing it. Also, since the image formed by the convex mirror is erect, it’s easy to identify the object. One example is in smaller shops with products showcased outside. A convex mirror is usually placed on top to give you a better overview at the end.

Elevators and Bank ATMs

Convex mirror in ATM

Elevators are also a place where convex mirrors are being used. Alongside there, Bank ATMs have a great use of these mirrors. Placed in front of you, users of the ATM can check if the person behind you is trying to see your valuable data, like the PIN from your credit card.

How this Convex mirror is better than other security products?

There are many different benefits in security mirrors over other products. First up is maintenance. Security mirrors are very easy to maintain due to their availability and easy installment. They’re cheap to install and replace and last longer than any other security device. As a bonus, you don’t need skilled labor to install and maintain them – you can do it all by yourself. The polycarbonate lens inside the convex mirror is quite durable to impacts, making them a cost-effective solution as well. And you won’t have to worry where you’ll place them too – there are different models for both inside and outside.

Then, reliability is also a huge advantage that puts them atop the other solutions. The safety mirror is always bright and can never be distorted at the right amount of curvature. The images

are in optimum definition, so you can always be confident in what you’re seeing. They can never get condensate too, thanks to the technology used for creating them today. You will always get a clear and wide field of view of up to 160 degrees. The lens is protected with a special safety film that prevents scratches on them.

On the other hand, the mount for these lenses is extremely strong and can be attached to almost any surface. They can also come with a stand, like the ones used in traffic. And since most of them are treated with hardboard backing, the convex mirror can withstand both hot and cold temperature extremes.

Finally, the convex mirror does have some benefits for your wallet as well. In many countries and states they are tax deductible, since they’re friendly to the environment. And even if they aren’t in your place, you can check to see if you get some insurance benefits.


Depending on your situation, security convex mirror could be one of your options to secure your business. They’re used widely and reliable, without the hassle of long and expensive maintenance. It’s a valuable option that you shouldn’t skip on.



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