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Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile strategy video games in the world. Released by Supercell, this freemium mobile game can be accessed from both Android and iOS platforms. As with any fantasy-themed game, it will be much easier for you if you read Clash of Clans wiki before you get into destroying enemies’ villages!


As mentioned above, the Clash of Clans allows you to play as the chief of a village in a fantasy-themed world. Your tasks will be building your own town by using resources that you gain through fighting features (defeating enemy clans in combat). The main resources you can spend in-game are gold and elixir, but there’s a third currency called “dark elixir” too.

Creating clans is also a big part of the game, as you will be joining new groups of people (up to 50) all the time. Once in a clan, you can participate in clan wars, chat with other members, and receive or donate troops.

Clash of Clans Gameplay

You will find a clan pretty fast after you start playing the game. This is where it starts to be really interesting, as you will start earning resources through attacks. Also, you will train your troops faster. When it comes to currencies, you will spend gold and elixir to reload and build new defenses that will protect you from attacks.

Two elixir currencies can also be spent to upgrade and train new troops and spells. Another currency that you can access is gems, although these are premium and you will have to spend real money to buy some.

Attacks will always be rated once they’re done on a three-star scale. They last for up to three minutes, depending on yours and your enemy’s strength. In addition, you can play a single-player campaign and earn currencies that way. It consists of a series of attacks on goblin villages, but you have to be at least level 51 to play this mode.

You will be assigned two builders at the start. But, you can unlock up to 5 builders while playing, but you have to buy them with gems. In addition, if you unlock the OTTO Hut, you can even get a sixth builder.

Clash of Clans Buildings

In order to earn and store elixir and gold, you need to build storages and mines for both currencies, respectively. Gold is used to upgrade your town hall and build new defensive buildings. Upgrading your town hall will unlock higher levels for existing buildings and gain you access to new buildings.

Once your town hall is level 7, you will start unlocking dark elixir. This type of currency is used to create and upgrade dark elixir heroes and troops and unlock dark spells.

After upgrading your Town Hall to level 11, you will gain access to the building called The Eagle Artillery. In addition, you will gain access to The Grand Warden (a new hero) after reaching level 11. A new defensive building, Giga Tesla, is unlocked after upgrading to Town Hall 12. Lastly, upgrading your Town Hall to level 13 will replace the Giga Tesla with Giga Inferno. Also, Royal Champion and Scattershot are also unlocked at Town Hall 13.

Clash of Clans Spells and Troops

There are two types of spell factories and barracks (normal and dark ones). Normal barracks are used to create troops with the elixir, while dark barracks do the same, but with the dark elixir. Players hold their resources in elixir storages and some of them can be a great elixir collectors which you may want to conquer.

The same pattern goes for spell factories – dark elixir is spent in dark spell factory, while normal elixir is used in normal spell factory. Each spell and troops have different properties. You will keep unlocking new spells and troops as you progress through the game.

Reaching Town Hall 12 will allow you to build the Workshop. This is where you will create Siege Barracks, Stone Slammers, Battle Blimps, and Wall Wreckers. So, this is where the game starts being really exciting, as you will gain more power to crush down your enemies!

Clan Games and Items

Supercell introduced the Clan Games in December 2017. Since then, you’re able to find a game in-app store and work together with your clan members to complete tasks that earn you clan points. Once your clan collects enough points, all of the members can select one of the rewards in the tier.

The same patch introduced Magic Items to players. You can get these through events and Clan Games. You can spend them to add levels to heroes or troops, finish upgrades, or get resources.


How many active players are there in clash of clans?

An average of monthly players is 3 million.

How much money does clash of clans make?

It depends, but looking at yearly revenue. In 2019 it was $727 million in total revenue, and it is up 27% year-over-year from $527 million in 2018.

Is Clash of Clans free?

Yes, Clash of Clans is a free game with special parts that you can buy with real money.

What are the troops in clash of clans?

Main troops are:
– Barbarian.
– Battle Ram.
– Hog Rider.
– Balloon.
– Bowler.
– Lava Hound.
– Archer.
– Baby Dragon.



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