Chatropolis underground – basic security threats of chat platforms

Anonymous hacking issues in online chat rooms like Chatropolis

The Internet is global in every sense nowadays – meaning that cyber threats and hacking are also more common and Chatropolis may be a place where it is. You can see an ordinary hacker simply as a criminal who’s looking for monetary gain. They exploit various scams on people with intent to steal credit card data.

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However, intelligence agencies are informing us that huge hacking groups are operating. This type of hackers have resources that ordinary criminals on the Internet can only dream of it. These people have capabilities large enough even to scare some government agencies. Tech companies have been a big target for these hackers lately, but so are all kinds of different niche websites.

Let’s take a look at some common hacking threats everyone should be aware of it.

botnets virus in Chatrapolis


You probably never heard of this threat. The reason for this is that they usually can’t be detected. They are software robots collection. Infected computers are also referred to as “zombies”. Hopefully, your PC is not infected since you probably wouldn’t even know it. Botnets usually send spam emails, spread malware, and use your PC as an attack against other computers.

botnets virus in Chatrapolis


Malware is probably one of the most common threats that may damage your computer. It’s malicious software that will infect your computer. Some types of malware are worms, computer viruses, spyware, Trojan viruses, and adware. This type of threat will usually spam you with pop-up messages telling you that there’s something wrong with your computer. It may cause you to lose all the information on your hard drive. It can send emails on your behalf, steal sensitive information, and take control of your computer.

botnets virus in chatrapolis


This is another common threat since this scam is very easy to execute. It is also very successful in terms of hacking as it gives results reasonably quickly and without too much work. Phishing sites, text messages, or emails are created to mimic the authentic look of a specific company. It is built to make you believe you are interacting with a company you want to, but you are getting scammed of your information by sending your password, PIN codes, and other information to a hacker. You may be asked to confirm or update your account by email. This is a widespread phishing scam so always pay attention if the email you’ve got is the official one.

botnets virus in Chatrapolis


DDoS is an abbreviation for a distributed denial of service. This type of hack happens when a hacker collects a vast number of “zombie” computers to sabotage a server or a specific website. A hacker orders all of the “zombie” computers to start interacting with a server or a website over and over again. The volume of traffic is continuously getting increasing, and the server or a site is starting to get overloaded. Legitimate users may have a prolonged experience on a website, and sometimes a server or a website will be shut down completely. The networks get flooded with useless information to a point when it stops working. Once the server is overloaded your request to go to a site can’t be processed. Legitimate users can’t access a website while it is flooded.

Your computer may be used in some of these attacks, and you may not even be aware of it. An attacker could take control of your computer by many security weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

You can try to install anti-virus software to protect yourself from being attacked. Don’t open any email attachments, unless it is from an official company or a trusted persona.

DDoS attacks shouldn’t worry you too much if you’re just an ordinary user as hackers usually target websites and companies with this threat. However, if you’re ever a victim of a DDoS attack, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and they will help you with your problem.

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Spam in chat platforms like Chatropolis

Also, a very common method hackers use to send and collect information from unsuspecting people. Spam is viral in advertising, messages, and adult websites. These addresses can be found all over the Internet. Company websites, social networking sites, personal blogs, and some chat platforms like Chatropolis were all victims of spam. Spam will almost always annoy a victim with junk mail; it may work as a phisher, and attack you with different kinds of malware, fraud, and scams.

All of the threats mentioned are often used by malicious attackers when it comes to chat platforms. Hopefully, you won’t become a victim if you have solid anti-virus protection and if you stay smart while you are online. It’s a virtual world; people can be much more offensive without consequences, so stay safe.

Big companies are not safe either

Apple’s App Store was hacked in September 2015 by hackers from China. Wall Street Journal reported that this is the first time Apple had problems with their security. This is a big concern since this means that nothing is safe on the Internet. It was never said why this attack happened since the intentions are still unclear. None of the information was stolen according to the evidence. American Airlines and Microsoft were also targets of Chinese hackers in the past.

In 2014, Sony was hacked too. According to evidence, the hackers didn’t want to steal money from the company. The pure intention was to embarrass the top executives and the company itself. The hackers successfully stole financial information from Sony, as well as private emails in which executives are talking about directors, actors, and producers. This hack showed the world what is happening behind one of the biggest companies on the planet and their business practices.

Chat platforms and problems with hackers

Some chat platforms are safer and more recommended for users. Big apps like WhatsApp and Viber are almost 100% safe thanks to the end-to-end encrypted messaging system.

end to end encryption structure comparison may effect Chatropolis

The messages can’t be hacked as they are protected with numerous encrypted codes. On the other side, chat platforms based on browser have always been corrupted and easy targets for hackers. This is mostly because these are HTML websites and it is not too hard to hack into them. However, the damage that can be done can only go so far. It all depends on the user and how the conversation between the two goes as these websites usually offer private messaging and public messaging systems.

If you own a chat platform, you should have different worries from the users. Your main priority is to protect your users and your information from getting hacked and exposed. A user should be aware of the person he or she is interacting with, links that they send or receive from another user, and things they type. Users may try to scam other users of personal information.

How chat platforms can be abused by criminals?

Malicious users, for whatever reason, usually spend their time adult websites and adult chat platforms. It’s interesting how the most significant amount of attacks happens on this kind of sites. I can’t answer if the users are less aware of these websites or the websites less secured.

One of these adult chat platforms is Chatropolis. This is an HTML website that exists for almost 20 years now. It was incredibly popular back in the 2000s, mostly because of the Chatropolis underground subchat. There were always up to 2000 people online back in the days, and they used to flirt, exchange pictures and hot messages in various subchats.

This website started dying around 2010 according to the information on the Internet. This was probably due to the expansion of adult chat rooms and platforms which were better, more interacting, easier to use and with better options than Chatropolis. This is a normal thing, and it happens on the Internet all the time – people will always migrate to a better and more popular website.


This website is also a victim of a spambot. Users experience a spambot that can’t be stopped. It merely enters the chat room and posts a message with a clickable URL link and then leaves. It happens all the time in numerous subchats. The owner is aware of the issue and is trying to take care of the problem. This is how people on the website can get tricked if they are not aware.

Also, this is just one of the reasons why some people might not like this particular chat platform, so they migrate to another. As with any other chat platform, all users should be careful when interacting with someone in private messages as that someone could be trying to steal their private information, credit cards, passwords. At this moment, there are about 70 Chatropolis users and numerous chat rooms – each chat room with a different theme and the most populated one being „GenderBender” room with about 40 users.

Chat platforms that are safe to use

As I’ve explained earlier, browser-based chat platforms are not very popular nowadays. These platforms are not very convenient, and people found better ways to stay in touch regularly. Browser-based chat platforms are replaced with apps that offer the same function but are a  lot easier to use, and safer in every way. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular.

Whatsapp chat logotype


Probably one of the most popular platforms at the moment. WhatsApp has almost 2 billion users. With this many users, the app had to find a way to keep all of them safe. The app implemented and enabled end-to-end encryption back in 2016. This feature keeps users safe from almost all hacking threats.

End-to-end encryption is increasing the privacy of users and enhanced communication. The users are protected from malicious actors and imposters in every way. There may be some security flaws with WhatsApp, but even if the app is hacked, your messages couldn’t be decrypted thanks to the unique encryption system. Your messages are not stored on the WhatsApp’s servers so you can’t be exposed even if it gets hacked.

Viber chat logotype


This app is, along with WhatsApp, probably the most popular one. A private company owns it from Luxemburg since 2017. The app is fast, well made and offers different features. Your messages and calls are protected by the end-to-end encryption system, same as WhatsApp. Your messages will stay encrypted as long as you are following the instructions given by Viber. There are over 900 million registered users, and there are almost no reports of messages being stolen or hacked.

Line chat logotype


This app is the most popular in Japan. It has a fascinating backstory. A damaging Tōhoku earthquake happened in 2011 in Japan. The telecom infrastructure was damaged after the earthquake, and the only way to communicate was through Internet apps. A group of Japanese engineers made LINE as a solution to the problem at the time. As it was very successful at the moment, LINE introduced end-to-end encryption the same year. It’s available to all users, but it has to be turned on manually from the app settings. There are over 700 million registered users at the moment.

Chatropolis underground

Still, in case you have all your security tools with you and want to get a try what it is to be a “chatro user” here is a brief introduction for you guys.

Platform have two main sections. An official rooms (safe zone) are here:

Official rooms for chatropolis users

A basic rooms which owns company, here is a link:

Here is some of the official info which may help:

Unofficial – Chatropolis underground

This section is made up of paid-for rooms which are in controls of users.
With some coding skills it lets to be separated from main chatrapolis chat rooms. The complete list for the Underground can be found here:

An extra information for underground chatrapolis users

Take all the steps to completely use an underground chat rooms:

1) As we already know chatrooms can be a dangerous place because of viruses, but you never know. 🙂 Add an exception for “” into your antivirus.

2) Then select and click on “HTTP:1.0” at the entry/login screen.

3) Enter the cookie creator room first before entering the chat room.

4) Under message filtering, select “no images” or “no HTML”. 

That it, be careful and good luck!

Conclusion of Chatropolis basics

We can’t deny, hacking threats are still noticeable and a big concern for a lot of internet users. Numerous types of malicious software may harm your computer, your data, and in some extreme cases, even physically. You should stay away from shady websites and always keep an eye on emails you open, links you click, and with people you interact.

Browser-based chat platforms are not very popular today due to the inconvenience. People have migrated to app chat platforms since they are more secure, more responsive, and more user-friendly. However, if you have to visit a browser-based chat platform make sure your anti-virus is safe, don’t click on any links, and don’t put your personal information or important passwords on shady websites. You should be safe as long as you remind yourself that not everyone is going to be friendly to you online.



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