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Society has always been violent, and always will be. However, western culture has become a lot more tolerant of everything that it was just a couple of decades ago. This fact results in a lot fewer weapons attacks and fights overall. To be more specific, you stand very little chance of getting attacked if you’re not involved in criminal activities and if you live your everyday life. This doesn’t mean that you may not be in need to defend yourself, and if that happens, what weapon are you going to use if you are forced to?

There are many self-defense gadgets and guns available for regular people, and this article will hopefully help you to pick the one that fits your needs the most!

What is the meaning of personal security?

Personal security, in general, is a concept that consists of your in every possible way — keeping your house safe, your items, valuables, money, family, and even information. However, we talk about guns and self-defense weapons in this article so I will focus on that particular idea. 

You may think that you don’t even need a weapon to carry around, and you are probably right. On the other side, you never know who, why, and when can attack you, and defending yourself is something you want to do in specific scenarios. I would highly recommend, and I urge people NOT to try to protect themselves if they are threatened by a knife while getting mugged. The person mugging you wouldn’t hurt you most likely, but you shouldn’t take any risks, give them your items and walk away. You can always buy a new phone, but you will hardly recover from stab wounds if the person attacking you does that.

The main point when it comes to personal security is to live without any concerns of being attacked. Non-lethal guns and nonlethal self-defense weapons, in general, are legal in almost all countries around the world, so you shouldn’t have any legal troubles with the law. If you have permission and license, you may also hold home defense guns, and I recommend you do this. Remember to keep your guns away from kids and plain sight overall.

All in all, the main goal is to protect yourself without killing anyone. Usually, items made for self-defense purposes are not lethal so you won’t have to worry about it. But you have to learn how to use your security products. Ranging from armed keychains to guns, self-protection items are usually not that expensive, and almost everyone can afford them. 

What are the best self-defense weapons?

Generally speaking, the options are endless. There is an ocean of guns available, both legally and on the black market. However, you want to stay away from the black market guns to avoid problems with the law and gun-related issues. I will arrange weapons in different groups so you have an idea of how every gun works and how much damage you can make with it. You should know that it is tough to choose a couple of best self-defense weapons due to the variety of them, but I tried my best to give you an idea in what you should look for.

Guns as weapons

This type of weapon is the most dangerous and you should get some help on how to use a specific gun before taking any action. Hurting yourself is very easy with, and you have to be very careful not to do so.

Mossberg 500

Weapons - Mossberg 500

It is a gun that almost every list needs to mention. It was first made as a shotgun but was later remodelled to a pump-action shotgun. Even law enforcement officers use this gun since it is reliable, affordable, and offers a lot of control at close range. This gun has been one of the most popular for decades now, and you can even find an endless variety of different types of weapon. A lightweight, left-handle versions, higher capacity models, and even ones with a chainsaw feature. This gun also has a lot of functions, allows you to swap fore-ends, stocks, and barrels. You can also find a pistol grip model if that’s your preference!

Ruger LCP

Weapons - Ruger LCP

This gun has become an iconic and maybe even the best self-defense weapon to carry around. As the name suggests, LCP stands for the Lightweight Compact Pistol; this little gun is straightforward to conceal and bring it with you anywhere you go. This is why this gun has become so desirable and popular among different users. It’s only about 12cm long and weighs about 280 grams. The company came up with various features even though the gun is tiny. Some of these features are a finger grip extension, stainless slide, and a clean, minimized outline that will help you to hide the gun under your clothes.

Beretta M9

Weapons - Beretta M9

This handgun is suitable for all purposes, and it excels significantly in self-protection. Even USA Forces chose this gun for their sidearm in 1985, that speaks enough for itself – giving you proof of how good and reliable this gun is. The weapon has a special feature called 3-dot sight system. This unique feature will allow you to mark the target more comfortable and the magazine can be quickly reloaded. However, you probably won’t need this feature very much because you won’t use it in combat scenarios. It’s effortless to handle the gun, and it weighs about 900 grams. 

Is a shotgun or handgun weapons better for home defense?

Almost every self-defense instructor will give you a different opinion on this topic. Some will recommend one, others will tell you to go with the second option, and there are some who will tell you not to own any of these, but what is the best for your own personal security?


Since the creation of shotgun, this weapon was considered as a defensive one. It has excellent proportions but has its drawbacks. This is something that you have to know if you plan on owning a shotgun.

Before everything, you need to know that shotguns are not toys and that you can hurt someone, or even kill. Be careful. On the other side, it is hard to handle a gun. This gun covers a minimal range, only a few centimeters at 6 to 10 meters. What you see on movies is not even a close pattern that a real shotgun makes. Also, the person you shoot at won’t fly through the air as it is depicting in a typical Hollywood movie.

If you plan to buy a shotgun, try buying one with a short barrel. You will handle it, and you will also store it easier somewhere in your house. You can also install an extended magazine if you want to, but it’s not necessary. The most common ones are pump shotguns. Single barrel shotguns are also an excellent option for home defense. The big plus for rifles is that they are very cost effective!


The first thought in your head is probably that it is a lot easier to shoot with a handgun than with a shotgun. Well, that is true, but it also definitely isn’t true. The average pistol is smaller and easier to use than a shotgun, and it also doesn’t have that much recoil of a shotgun. However, the sight radius of a handgun is a lot shorter and will require a lot of practice if you want to shoot well. You need to practice a lot if you’re going to shoot well with any handgun.

The handgun is better for home use in some scenarios. For example, it is a lot easier to move around an enclosed area like a hallway with a pistol than it would be with a shotgun, right? The long size and barrel of a gun will only slow you down, and if you’re unlucky, a bad guy can grab your shotgun, and you could be in big trouble.

Anyway, let’s hope that won’t happen ever. Which one should you pick then? The decision is entirely yours. You could even have both, and that would probably be the best option. If you need a gun that you don’t play on carrying outside, go with a shotgun. In a different scenario, get yourself a handgun, and you will be good to go.

Non-lethal weapons

If you prefer a weapon that has a little chance of killing someone, there are options for you also! Numerous pepper sprays, self-defense keychain items, and safety knives are available, and more importantly affordable, for regular users.


You can do significant damage with a bat. Nobody can deny this, and nobody would like to fight a person that holds a bat. You can get yourself a mini bat that will stay handy while providing you needed protection. The damage you do probably won’t be lethal, but you will be able to break a couple of attacker’s bones. Of course, you want to avoid this at all costs and should always try only to fend off your attacker. Mini bats also allow you to move quickly and make fast swings. They are light but very durable.

Pepper sprays

Pepper sprays as weapons

Pepper coyote sprays are very popular among everyone. Police forces around the world use them as a part of their main inventory, but civilians are also carrying pepper sprays to protect themselves from aggressive attackers. Depending on where you live you may need a license to use pepper spray. The good thing about pepper sprays is that they last really long – you can keep them up to a couple of years, and they will still be useable. Another plus is that you don’t have to be in the attacker’s arms’ reach for the pepper spray to be effective. You get a ten-foot range, giving you a significant advantage over the attacker. Owning a home defense spray will allow you to deal with attackers without hurting them too much.  


Believe it or not, there are keychains designed for self-defense. You can find cheap keychains that are sharp, lightweight, and thin. However, these innocent-looking items may be hazardous. They can easily blend in with your keys and help you defend yourself from attackers. You have to be careful with some models as they are designed so sharp that they can be considered as a borderline safety knife.

Stun guns

These are probably one of the best gadgets when it comes to self-defense. There is an endless list of models, but each of them has a single purpose, to provide you with safety. You can find some stun guns that are of incredible quality, but you will also have to pay a bit more for those. Different features are being included in various models every day. The technology is on the rise and so is safety. You can find stun guns with individual shock plates on the sides that will stop an attacker if he ever tries to snatch the stun gun from your hand at any point. Some models come with strong LED lights too. These will help you in blinding your attacker before you stun them and LEAVE THE SCENE!


Self-protection is a broad topic. It all depends on the person and how they perceive the subject of self-defense. To have a clear head you need to be relaxed while in public, and you will be relaxed if you have something that will help you to defend yourself if you are not physically fit enough to do it the other way.

Keep in mind that you have to be careful when you are wielding any of these weapons. You can seriously hurt yourself and others around you – willingly or unwillingly. You will face legal consequences for most of the bad stuff you do with these weapons, so it’s best to stay away from trouble and hope you will never need them!



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