What is the alpha key?

Starting a business in the 21st century have a lot of obstacles to overcome. From supply, required equipment and paperwork. It’s definitely not an easy road to take. However, the most important of all of these is probably the security of your business and the products you’re selling. Especially in merchandise stores, where your product is a physical one. However, there are many different solutions that will help you in achieving this goal. One of the most popular ways is to protect your products using security handkeys and wraps. And that is where the alpha key security come in. By now, you’re probably wondering:

What are alpha key security?

Whenever you visit your favorite clothing store, you’ve definitely seen the small circular plastic tags on the products. Those are one form of security keys – a device with magnets inside that connect both parts of the device. Those trigger the alarms on the door, as well as when you try to break it on purpose. Starting a business that sells physical products requires physical products to secure it. And as I said before, these handkeys and wraps are the way to go. However, Alpha security keys are much more advanced, offering you the best security available on the market. Each of our products is constructed with strong materials and magnets, giving you the best security available. There are a number of different security products, all based on your needs. So, let’s take a look at them.

The popular S3 HandKey

S3 HandKey

The Alpha S3 HandKey is one of the companies best-selling products, and there are many reasons for why that is. First, they’re really easy to use and operate. Next, they’re aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing, adding further to the ease of use. Finally, as many of the other products, you can expect the same level of security. The serial numbers on each S3 key will further secure them. You can choose between four different configurations:

  • The standard S3 HandKey comes equipped with a 60-inch coiled lanyard that can be bolted directly in the POS. That way, it will provide easy access and manageability
  • The S3 HandKey and Dock bundle comes with a dock that can be attached at the POS for storage when it’s not in use
  • The S3 Locking Counter Key comes with the same magnet array, but placed within an ergonomic handset that fits into a locking cradle for added security
  • The S3 Alarming Counter Key comes with a speaker that can produce a 95 dBA alarm when compromised

All of these configurations come with batteries inside them, but you can also get additional packs of batteries or barrel keys if needed.

What is S3X and why it is so cool?

The most important product from the lineup is the S3X detacher. Used with the newest collection of S3vx devices, the detacher is used to add a higher level of protection to your devices. However, unlike a normal detacher, these have a special feature that make it way cooler. Namely, the “X” in the name stands for extra – strength magnets, giving them greater mechanical integrity. The S3X comes with many other great features compared to other detachers. The lanyard is swivel at both ends in order to minimalize tangling. They’re serialized for hassle-free tracking and come in two different packages – as S3X only or as an S3X Multi-Detacher with a standard Lock magnet.

A Multi – Detacher for all of your other Alpha keys

The Multi – Detacher Counter Key is another product from Alpha that also uses the same magnet sets from the other products. However, this detacher also carries a standard lock magnet for added versatility. This Counter Key will unlock the entire line of Alpha products, as well as the standard lock options. For added security, the device has a provided serial number.

Super XT Key and Super XT Key Coverplate are the most durable across the range

Super XT Key

The Super XT Key is the strongest detacher available in Alpha’s lineup. The durable surface unlocks the entire range of Alpha S3 handkeys, as well as the Standard Lock, the XT and Super XT products. The handheld portion is attached to the mounted base using a 60-inch cable. This will keep the key secure while maintaining its flexibility. On the other hand, the Super XT Key Coverplate is designed to integrate easily with the Super Tag Detacher. It offers improved looks and easier use, while still maintaining the high security Alpha products are known for.

The common Spider wraps from alpha key

Alpha Spider wraps

A spider wrap is another popular solution among businesses that sell a lot of bigger physical products. Namely, the extendable cables can easily protect all of your medium to large sized products. The two-stage locking buckle gives it a tight and secure fit, and if they do get broken into, the alarm emits at 95 dBA, guaranteed to alert others nearby. There are few different types of spider wraps, depending on your needs. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Attack spider wrap

Alpha Attack spider wrap

The attack spider wrap is engineered to have much stiffer cables than the regular one, giving you a tighter clutch. There are three different alarm versions and an auto-lock feature that reduces the number of steps required to apply. With two different lengths available, the Attack spider wrap is the most premium choice for your products.

Mini spider wrap

The “mini” inside the name suggests most about this product – it’s aimed towards smaller products. The features of the Mini spider wrap are the same as the regular one – a strong and protected alarm, LED light for visual deterrence, and the auto-lock feature. There is also a special S3vx version with added verification code for additional security. The size is measured up to 32 inches, fitting most of your smaller products perfectly.

XL spider wrap

Alpha XL spider wrap

On the other side, the XL spider wrap is perfect for all of your large products. The cable is 132 inches long, which makes securing items like televisions easy. The XL spider wrap also has the same features as the regular spider wraps – a strong clutch mechanism, 95 dBA alarm and more.

There are also many other products using or accompanying the spider wrap. The spider net and spider web use spider wrap to protect hard-to-secure merchandise. This usually applies to products with odd shapes. The Alarming Wrap Tag is also used for products of this category, equipped with a special two alarm system.

Businesses which use alpha key security

There are many different companies that use our products at Alpha. In fact, over 500 different businesses use Alpha security products, with the number growing every day. Some of them are small local businesses, while others are big companies that operate in multiple places. And from them, we were left with the most positive feedback we could’ve asked for. Our customers are happy with our products, and on multiple occasions, they had their precious products saved thanks to them. However, don’t hear from us – here are some of their testimonials:

Alpha 3 Alarm CableLoks have replaced a rather complicated chaining system, which did not sit well with our high-fashion designer goods and also prevented customers from trying on clothes that were secured with chains. Alpha CableLoks allow shoppers to securely try on the clothes without too many obstacles.” – operating manager from a German based boutique chain

“Alpha High Theft Solutions allows us to implement a layered approach to our LP program whereby we add increasing levels of security to specific items, specific types of merchandise, or specific stores.” – VP from a leading pharmacy healthcare provider

“We’ve been using Alpha Spider Wraps to combat organized retail crime – if the product is taken out of the store, it will alarm. If they try to cut it off, it will alarm. It’s proven a very effective deterrent for us.” – a senior manager of a major retail chain

As you can see, many different companies trust and use these products to increase the security of their businesses. The main mission of these products here is to provide the most innovative and technologically advanced technologies to protect our products. Stay safe.



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