USS Foundation

About the USS Foundation

The USS Foundation exists to change the lives of children in need. In the words of our founder, Adel Sayegh, “our mission is to bring happiness where happiness is scarce, hope where hopelessness reigns; to help break the cycle of poverty for children, and inspire them to reach for the stars.”

Each holiday season, the USS Foundation partners with the Loss Prevention industry, Retail community and local businesses to conduct a marathon of multiple charitable events in various communities, across the span of just a few days ; an event spree we call, our Holiday Merrython. In 2016, we held nine events, across more four days and eight locations, to reach more kids and their families than we ever have!

Holidays can be difficult for families in financial hardship. That’s why every year the USS Foundation dispatches its happy Thanksgiving Care-a-Van to low income neighborhoods in our community. We surprise unsuspecting families with entire Thanksgiving meals! We bring whole turkeys, mashed potatoes, stuffing – the works!

With our Adopt-a-Bike program, we put smiles on kids’ faces. Kids in underprivileged communities that others have forgotten about. Good kids who try hard to excel in school. Who deserve a shot in life. Great kids in not-so-great circumstances. We come to their school and bring 100 free bicycles to show them that there are those who care. Sure, a bicycle might not seem like much, but to a kid it’s happiness. It’s a glimmer of kindness in the world that is not always kind. It’s a small reward for their efforts in school, for their good attendance, for being good kids.

Charity Golf Tournament

For the last eight years, The USS Foundation has hosted its annual charity golf tournament to raise awareness and donations, 100% of which go on to benefit hundreds of kids annually through Adopt-a-Bike events, the Thanksgiving Care-A-Van, and the Holiday Merrython. A portion of the proceeds also goes to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Please stay tuned for details on the 2017 tournament!