Our shrink is currently at a historical low. We credit a lot of this success to USS and their cutting-edge EAS products.  We use many of their products, such as the ICE, Milli, and Hawkeye Tags on our premium apparel and footwear. This was a major success that was realized within one inventory cycle. They all beat our expectations for durability and performance. When you couple excellent products with dedicated professional service it’s a huge win for everyone. USS is a true partner that has demonstrated its dedication through service and innovation of their products.

– Director of Loss Prevention, major footwear chain

I buy my EAS tags from USS because they provide my stores with cutting-edge theft solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and at a price that allows me to show a significant ROI.

– VP Loss Prevention, major sporting goods chain

The new USS Mini Patriot tag is incredible! It’s low-key so it doesn’t overshadow the product, while still providing great protection and giving us an extremely effective deterrent. With the success we’ve had so far, we’re in the process of expanding it to other locations. Thanks, USS, for another great, innovative solution!

– Loss Prevention Manager, major clothing retailer

USS surpassed all other vendors in customer support, offering abstract and forward-thinking product solutions, and consistently collaborating with our Asset Protection team to meet our needs. The use of the Milli-Lanyard enabled us to save on shrinkage and labor in excess of one million dollars a year.

– SVP of Loss Prevention, major sporting goods chain

When I think about reducing shrink in our retail environment, my first call is typically to USS because of their understanding of the retail world, and because I know that a lot of the folks that are on Adel’s team over there come from a retail environment prior. They understand the challenges that we face, so sometimes it’s not just the cost of the item but it’s how will it fit in with the overall company culture. USS has helped me reduce shrink over the years by helping think outside of the box and come up with innovative ways and ideas to try to reduce shrink in our specialty environment.

– Vice President of Loss Control, sporting goods retail chain

USS is a ‘go to’ partner.  When we have an issue that needs to be addressed, my first call is to my sales rep and the rest of the team. They understand our unique culture and provide me solutions that fit within our company. I look to USS to keep me on the cutting edge of developments in loss prevention. I strongly recommend USS as a solutions provider for all loss prevention and security matters.

– Director of Security, leading fashion retailer

We are excited about our partnership with USS. They are industry leaders who provide innovative and creative products that are tailor made for our industry. We wanted EAS tag solutions that offered simplicity in application and removal, along with the highest quality standards, without detracting from our merchandise appeal, and USS delivered. They also provide consistent, extraordinary customer service that is second to none. I enthusiastically recommend USS for all of your loss prevention needs.

– Asset Protection Manager, leading golf retailer

We had very high shrink numbers in our stores. We had used [competitor]’s tags that were being defeated. We started using the Smart Ink Tag from USS and our shrink numbers have gone down considerably.

– Director Retail Operations, major fashion retailer

USS has been a remarkable company to work with. We chose them as a new vendor this year based on their competitive pricing and their willingness to work within our company guidelines. They designed a custom soft tag for us to use in our stores. In addition, we opened 17 new stores this fall and their execution of the EAS system installation process was flawless. They were timely in their communication regarding the installation process as well the installation itself.

– Director, Store Operations, leading leather goods retailer

We have been using the full line of USS specialty EAS hard tags and security devices for the past nine years. The USS team are experts at listening to their customers shrinkage challenges then developing a cost effective shrinkage reduction solution. USS has brought to the marketplace some of the most innovative and best-in-class protection products available.

– VP Loss Prevention, major sporting goods chain

USS has been a strong partner in supporting our loss prevention efforts. Their EAS Hawkeye tag has positively impacted our shortage reduction efforts in several RTW areas. They have consistently responded to our needs and have provide a high level of customer service.

– Group Vice President, major department store chain

The USS Ultra Grip allowed us to openly display more of our merchandise and reduced shrink in our handbag lines by over 70 percent.

– VP of Loss Prevention, major department store chain

The professionals at USS are valued leaders in the loss prevention industry. We are extremely pleased to call them our business partner, and rely on the team at USS for their quality products and knowledgeable service of our needs. Their partnership not only allows us to have comfort in the products that we purchase, but the service after the sale is second to none. Regardless of the question or concern, we know that USS will be there for us.

– Director of Loss Prevention, major retail chain

When I needed a vendor that could overcome hurdles and coordinate a large-scale international distribution, USS picked up the challenge and outperformed expectations across the board. USS works over obstacles without preconceived limitations.

– Manager of Corporate Loss Prevention, major footwear chain

USS is a premier vendor partner I look forward to interacting with. USS has a personal feel of a small company but acts like a large company by being able to deliver timely the quantities necessary. Their personal feel comes from always listening and responding to the industry and customer needs. My main contact at USS has a complete understanding of the retail side of the business, because that’s where he came from before USS. He is not just another sales guy trying to make his quota; he’s an indispensable business partner interested in helping provide solutions that help me achieve my objectives.

– Vice President, Asset Management, major footwear chain

Adel Sayegh and the entire team at USS are trusted, integral partners in our shortage reduction efforts. USS’ ability to deliver retailer specific solutions to unique challenges, commitment to research & development, and their high standards of customer support are just a few of the reasons I consider them a best-in-class service provider.

– Director Loss Prevention, major sporting goods brand

We looked to USS to provide merchandise-specific EAS tagging solutions for our loss prevention needs, and they worked closely with us to design and customize a product test, which resulted in substantially lower shortage figures in our test stores.

– Director Loss Prevention, major sporting goods chain

USS has consistently exceeded my expectations for providing quality service and products that have contributed to significant improvement in our shortage results. USS listens to its customers and responds to that input by developing innovative systems and devices that are both cost effective and highly productive. Having worked with many vendors over the years, I can truly say that USS has become a partner that is involved in our business and committed to our success. Thank you for your efforts and I look forward to building our relationship in the future.

– VP of Loss Prevention and Risk Management, major department store chain

USS has proven to be a forward-thinking company with the retail knowledge of brand image. They are creating custom tags for us, and that’s important because a huge part of our company is our brand image and innovative technology. Their representatives are cautious, patient and fun to work with. I recommend USS to any company that appreciates personalized customer service and creative thinkers.

– Director Loss Prevention, major sportswear brand

We count on USS to consistently provide solutions that integrate into our business model. We have been very pleased with the quality of the solutions they provide and have seen the benefits in shrink reduction.

– Director, Loss Prevention Operations, major retail chain

I have worked with USS going on seven years.  I find them to be very proactive in supplying our tagging needs at a favorable cost. Each time I requested a meeting with USS they responded and met my timeframe. USS is very helpful and treats us with importance and priority. I would recommend USS to any company. We certainly will continue our relationship with USS and hope to expand our current tagging template.

– Director of Loss Prevention, leading fashion retailer

The partnership we have forged with USS has been invaluable to our asset protection strategy and business growth. USS has always demonstrated the responsiveness that you want from all of your vendor partnerships. Anytime I meet with them I feel their concern and vested interest in our programs success.

– VP of LP, major department store chain