Source Tagging

Source Tagging Made Simple

USS source tagging program is built around you.  We offer a range of options to fit your organization’s unique needs.  With USS you can count on:


  • Expert guidance for easy program rollout
  • Simple-to-use solution for your employees
  • Easy ordering and fulfillment
  • Cost-effective program that improves your bottom line

USS Source Tagging Benefits

Improved workforce efficiency with simple source tagging process

Decreased shrink with proven EAS solutions

Improved merchandising with open product display

Improved customer experience with greater product availability


Product Options


USS offers source tagging labels in either AM or RF technology.  They can be easily applied anywhere on the product, on almost any type of packaging.

Disposable Hard Tags

Convenience of labels; visibility and deterrence of hard tags.  USS disposable tags are designed for easy application, making your source tagging efficient and saving you time and labor costs.

Reusable Hard Tags

USS has the largest selection of hard tags on the market.  This gives you the opportunity to choose the perfect tag for almost any application.  Our hard tag recirculation program ensures that you always have the tags you need, when you need them.

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In our 20 years of experience in EAS technology we have earned the reputation for innovation and unparalleled customer service.  Rather than offering one-size-fits-all products, we offer customized solutions for your specific needs.  When you select USS for source tagging, you select the partner that listens and delivers the solutions that fit the way you work.

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