Our Value Proposition

Our People

· Our customer facing teams have over 230 collective years of LP practitioners
· We strive to become experts of our customers’ operating models, customer
experience, employee culture and desired outcomes.
· As former LP Practioners, we understand the value of Listening, Solving and
Delivering retail enterprise solutions.
· We are a customer centric based solutions provider who understand
that operational retail challenges are numerous and require innovative products
and technology for both the present and future.
· Each USS team member has an expectation to immerse themselves in our
customers’ business.
Our People

Product Differentiators

· USS is built upon a culture of innovation with an expectation that everyone is
  engaged in the R&D process.
· We believe that not all tags are created equal. We strive to offer customized solutions
  for ORC specific targeted products that preserve the customer experience, and drive
  incremental sales, while significantly reducing your exposure to theft.
· We seek to be the best, and strive to be the first to market with product solutions that    keep our customers current and ahead of trends.
Not All Tags Are Created Equally

Inventory Strategy

· We built our inventory forecasting models based on the 80/20 rule to ensure same
day ship on our top sellers and reasonable lead ship times on high demand and high
velocity inventory items.
· We train and emphasize regular forecasting discussions with our customers to
ensure we meet their expected timelines, better produce their products, and assist
them in further reducing their shrinkage rates on protected categories.
Inventory Management

Enterprise Service Provider

· Led by our Retail Analytics team, we offer and provide our customers with a pre
and post-test ROI analysis.
· We provide long term analysis of the retailer 80/20 rule to ensure the programs we
develop make an impact on our customers’ top and bottom lines.
· We provide customized employee training videos to ensure a simple and seamless
transition for the store level associates, and analysis for management to
understand their impact .
· We understand that EAS solutions are just one tool in our customers’ loss
prevention ecosystem, and we seek to understand their entire system to provide
solutions that transcend traditional loss prevention capabilities.
Enterprise Service Provider