IP Video and CCTV

More Tools. Less Complexity. Lower Cost.

Next generation IP Video system from USS

Unified Platform

Simplify the way you work: Our VMS offerings provide a single-software platform to unify all loss prevention applications with video.  This includes access control, intrusion alarms,
POS and mobile video.

Open Architecture

USS is not limited to a specific, pre-configured range of products.  Instead, USS can combine software and hardware from many different companies to give you the exact solution you are looking for.  Our systems have the ability be scaled as needed, and are ready for growth and future technologies.

“USS time and again surpasses our expectations with the superior products and service they offer. For that reason, we rely on their industry expertise to facilitate the path to our shrink reduction goals. USS is an essential partner for any company that values innovative thinkers and personalized customer service.”


– VP of LP, major retail chain

High Throughput

Our solutions architecture provides an extremely high data throughput,
most noticeable in two specific areas:

  1. USS’ VMS will support almost double the usual amount of cameras per server.
  2. USS’ systems excel in highly demanding environments, such as live monitoring with high megapixel cameras. When following suspects, pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras can lag on other platforms, and fixed camera video can load slowly.  USS’ VMS is engineered to provide steady and reliable performance when you need it the most.


The USS enterprise system can be scaled up to 500,000 cameras and 10,000 concurrent users. Our enterprise system offers health monitoring, alarms and reports as standard features.  It can also be used with VMS mobile, VMS access control, VMS POS and the VMS cloud.

Advanced VMS Features

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications can be deployed two ways: locally in stores using Wi-Fi, or enterprise-wide using your wireless carrier. The mobile application receives alarms from any camera or input device, while also being able to stream video from the phone or tablet to the VMS system for live monitoring and recording.



POS search can work on a local server or can be used on the enterprise level, querying multiple fields simultaneously. POS module does not pull any video when queries are made (thus saving bandwidth) – only data is returned until a video link is clicked.  You can see the entire transaction, complete with a virtual receipt.


Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring provides immediate notification of the failure of any camera or server anywhere in the system. A daily report of system health can be automatically sent to selected users.



USS’ mapping feature supports multi-floor layouts and integration to Google and Bing maps. Its features include field of view of all cameras, PTZ control from the map, alarm display and access control events from the map.


Advanced Analytics

Want to know where customers spend their time or which products they pick up the most? Want to know the footpaths, dwell and traffic count for different parts of your stores?  No problem.  Our analytics suite provides answers to your questions in a simple visual format, integrated directly as a layer into your existing video platform for an added ease of use.


Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition system can detect and identify persons of interest in real time. It can alert your loss prevention staff that a known thief just entered the store, or notify your sales staff that a VIP customer arrived.


Remote Access with TechConnect™ 

Ever had a camera go down at a remote location, and you had to wait days or weeks for the repair? What if the problem could be solved in 10 minutes remotely? With TechConnect Remote Access this is now a reality. USS can access, troubleshoot and reset your video and access control systems remotely, and in many cases fix the problem without having to send a technician to your location.
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USS supports all of the best-of-breed technology products available in the industry. Backed by experts that have earned numerous certifications in the security industry, we have second-to-none experience in installation and service on a nationwide basis. Whether it’s maintenance and repair of legacy systems, integration with new technologies or complete installations of the latest future-ready systems, USS is the partner with the expertise, innovation and understanding to assure that your legacy system transitions to tomorrow’s technology seamlessly.

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