How to Use Technology to Intimidate Thieves

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The best type of loss prevention (LP) is the kind that makes the thief lose heart as soon as he walks into your store. In LP lingo, this is called “situational crime prevention”: creating an environment that signals to criminals that stealing from you is too difficult, too risky and simply not worth it. A webinar conducted by the Loss Prevention Research Council and the University of Florida revealed how to use technology in general, and enhanced public view monitors (ePVMs) in particular, to easily create such environment. Here is a quick summary:


See-Get-Fear Model


The main factors behind the success of tools like ePVMs are awareness and deterrence.

  • When encountering the loss prevention device, the thief must immediately notice it, and then realize what it is.
  • Honest customers generally ignore or don’t notice the device as it poses no threat to them.
  • Would-be thieves cannot afford to ignore it; they know their faces will be clearly seen and recorded at a specific
       place and time, and that employees will likely react if theft is attempted.
  • A successful LP deterrent, like an ePVM, can cause criminals to move on to easier targets (or desist their
       act altogether).


The Effectiveness of ePVMs Measured


The Loss Prevention Research Council and UF have conducted over a dozen studies specifically around the effectiveness of ePVMs. Here are some of the key findings:

  • Shrink levels for products within the display area of an ePVM are typically reduced by 33%.
  • ePVMs typically have a positive return on investment — they pay for themselves within one to two years.
  • The effectiveness of ePVMs may not decrease over time as much as other deterrent measures. As a comparison,
       it was noted that dummy dome cameras lose their deterrent value the longer they are present in the store, but
       ePVMs continue to deter theft over a longer period.



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Getting the Most out of Your ePVMs


When deploying ePVMs in your stores, here are things you can do to make them even more effective:

  • Ensure ePVMs are installed at eye-level so they are
       more clearly visible.
  • Use different coloring of the ePVM (it should not blend
       into the environment).
  • A scrolling message on the screen increases visibility
       and deterrence.
  • A blinking LED light also improves visibility and


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