GPS Fleet Management

Get the most from your distribution and logistics

with small and easy-to-use GPS trackers from USS.

Protect Trucks & Merchandise


GPS tracking devices from USS are so small they fit in the palm of your hand.  They can be placed on a truck, on a trailer or in a box inside the trailer.  You can check the location of your assets at any time or set up a geo-fence where your trucks are allowed to be, and get notified immediately if they leave the area.

Better Labor Control


Know where your drivers are, how long it will take them to get to their destination, and whether they are taking a wrong route.  You can also check on the speed of any truck and verify that the driver is taking breaks as required.

Know When Things Go Wrong


The system can notify you via text or email if the trailer door is opened, the truck veers from its normal route or idles too long in one spot.  If the truck or merchandise is stolen, you have quick and actionable information to provide to police.

Easy Web Interface, Unlimited Seats

GPS Fleet Management system from USS can be accessed by any number of users using a desktop or a mobile device:


  • See the location using map view, satellite view or street view in Google Maps
  • Easily configure your devices from the online portal
  • Name and group your devices however you want, including color-coding
  • Assign different user rights to different members of your team
  • Check the health and battery level of any GPS tracker at any time
  • Export reports in different formats
  • Receive text or email notifications

Improve Customer Satisfaction


The system can notify your customer when your truck is within a pre-defined distance, providing an accurate estimate of arrival time.

Tough and Hard to Defeat


The small size of our GPS devices makes them hard to discover and remove.  They are dust resistant and water resistant.

No Hardware Cost


Like a cell phone plan, GPS Fleet Management system from USS is available by a monthly subscription.  With a two-year contract we’ll provide initial hardware for free.

Improve Logistics Efficiency


Automated messages alert your warehouse manager when the inbound truck is within a pre-defined distance.  This allows your warehouse personnel to prepare for loading or unloading just in time for the truck’s arrival, saving you time and labor costs.

Worry Less About Battery Life


USS’ battery saving technology means your devices stay on longer, and the device can notify you when its battery is running low.  The device can be set to a sleep mode and waked up when needed.  For even better power availability, our trackers can be wired into the truck’s or trailer’s power supply.

Specialty Trackers


At USS we do not make one-size-fits-all products.  We custom-build solutions to fit your particular needs.  Our engineers can fit the trackers into the form factor that you need, and help you set up the tracking system so you get exactly what you want from it.