Retail GPS Tracking


Track Down Your Stolen Merchandise

We’ve designed our GPS trackers to give you the flexibility to be very targeted in your approach:


  • Place the trackers in your high-shrink stores
  • Use in your distribution centers where internal theft is suspected
  • Plant into high-value merchandise in transit
  • Track stolen goods to their final destination to uncover ORC’s base of operations
  • Provide law enforcement with data needed to prosecute

Dual Locating Technologies

Enhancing the accuracy in dense cities, USS trackers use two ways to pinpoint their location: GPS signals and cellular triangulation.  In instances where the GPS signal may be blocked by buildings, your USS GPS tracker will automatically switch to finding its location by nearby cell towers and continue to report.

Extended Battery Life

Just like a cell phone, the USS tracker is in sleep mode when sitting on the shelf.  Only when it detects motion does it wake up to check its location.  If it’s safe, it goes back to sleep, conserving battery.  If it has moved outside its safe area, the tracker switches to the panic mode notifying you of its location.  You set the boundaries of the safe area, and you decide the frequency of notifications.

“I have worked with USS going on seven years. I find them to be very proactive in supplying our tagging needs at a favorable cost. Each time I requested a meeting with USS, they responded and met my timeframe. USS is very helpful and treats us with importance and priority. I would recommend USS to any company. We certainly will continue our relationship with USS and hope to expand our current tagging template.”


– Director of LP, major fashion retailer

Easy Web Interface, Unlimited Seats

GPS Asset Protection system from USS can be accessed by any number of users from your organization, using either a desktop or a mobile device:


  • See the location using map view, satellite view or street view in Google Maps
  • Easily configure your devices from the online portal
  • Name and group your devices however you want, including color-coding
  • Assign different user rights to different members of your team
  • Check the health and battery level of any GPS tracker at any time
  • Export reports in different formats
  • Receive text or email notifications

Small Size

Our GPS tracking devices are comparable in size to EAS tags you are already familiar with.  Almost any item that can be protected with a tag can now be protected with a GPS tracker.


Like a cell phone plan, GPS Asset Protection is available by a monthly subscription.  Please contact us for pricing.

Specialty Trackers

At USS we do not make one-size-fits all products.  We custom-build solutions to fit your particular needs.  Our engineers can fit the trackers into the form factor that you need, and help you set up the tracking system so that you get exactly what you want from it.