Facial Recognition


Greet VIPs, Halt Unwelcome Guests at the Door

A facial recognition system provides a valuable instant-notification tool, alerting staff when persons of note enter your premises. USS Facial Recognition solutions give you the power to meet high-profile clients and loyal customers during unannounced visits, as well as engage known troublemakers before they set foot in the door. USS’ technical experts listen to the specific challenges your organization faces to deliver the reflexive facial recognition system you need.

USS Facial Recognition benefits include:

  • Accurate facial analysis with a near-perfect success-match rate, even in a sea of faces
  • Prompt, discreet staff alerts upon the arrival of persons of interest
  • Quick engagement of unwelcome persons deters repeated entrance attempts
  • Ability to offer immediate, personalized service to important customers can generate sales and keep them coming back
  • Integration with access control systems to create biometric security system
  • Integration with human resources databases provides an accurate, streamlined time-and-attendance record
  • Cloud-based database allows enrollment sharing among many locations
  • Training and technical assistance to ensure system is used to its fullest

Our Facial Recognition Partners Include: