RFID Mini Patriot

RFID Mini Patriot

Elegant Protection with Valuable Insights

Key Features

• Large speaker and bright LED

• Coated steel lanyard

• Battery conservation mode

• Water resistant

• Alarming version cannot be “jumped”

• Quick application and removal reduce labor costs up to 70%

• 3-in-1 design for easy storage

• Small, light and versatile

• Available in HD lanyard

• RFID and/or AM & RF technology

Common Applications

• High-end apparel

• Handbags

• Footwear

• Coats and outerwear

• Accessories

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• Frequency: RFID – 902-928 MHz
AM – 58 KHz
RF – 8.2 Mhz

• Dimensions: 1.6” H x 2.75” W x 0.7” D

• Lanyard Length: 5.8”

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Mini Patriot™ Pin

Same features as its cousin Mini Patriot, but with a pin. Wide ergonomic pin head means your customers won’t even feel the tag when trying the merchandise on.

Key Features

• Wide ergonomic pin head

• Strong visual deterrence

• Highly tamper-resistant

• Multiple alarm options