F-117 Nighthawk Eyewear Tag

F-117 Nighthawk Eyewear Tag

Sleek & Stylish Design with Increased Protection

Key Features

• Designed to protect the most

   commonly targeted eyewear styles

• Strong visual deterrence

• Proprietary design tightens grip when

   tampered with

• Eliminates product lock down

• Rounded edges for comfort

• Strong rubber inlays to

   protect product from damage

• Quick, tool-free application and


• Increased throughput

• Enhances customer experience

• Small and light

• Choice of AM or RFID technology

Common Applications

• Designer glasses & sunglasses

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• Product Code: EAS-F117

• Frequency: 58 KHz or RFID

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Optical Tag

The tough and durable Optical Tag offers strong protection for glasses with wide or thick frames. The low-profile pin backing ensures easy try-on for your customers.

Key Features

• Fits almost all glasses

• Ergonomic design for easy try-on

• Strong visual deterrence