Disposable Anti-Wardrobing Tag

Disposable Anti-Wardrobing Tag

Put an End to Wardrobing!

Key Features

• High visibility

• Disposable

• Provides proof of use or tampering

• No returns without tag in place

• Great for source tagging applications

Common Applications

• Apparel

• Handbags

• Footwear

• Coats and outerwear

• Accessories

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• Product Code: EAS – AWDT

• Dimensions: 1.5” H x 1.5” W x 0.45” D

• Optional Lanyard Length: 5.0”

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Swivel Tag

Versatile disposable tag uses advanced EAS AM technology and a thick swiveling lanyard to provide a cost effective, tamper resistant product protection solution.

Key Features

• Non-twisting lanyard

• Easy application & removal/deactivation

• Eliminates need for product lock down

• Durable PC construction