Blinking Raptor™ XD

Blinking Raptor™ XD

Strong Grip With No Teeth, Plus Robust Features

Key Features

• Pinless protection: no holes

• Strong visual deterrence

• Audio, visual and tamper alarms

• Quick application and removal reduces labor costs

Common Applications

• Performance wear

• Suits

• Jackets and outerwear

• Shoes, boots, pumps

• Leathers, suede, vinyl

• Items that cannot be protected using a pin.

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• Product code: EAS-RPT/XD-1

• Dimensions: 0.97” H x 1.03” W x 2.78”

• Frequency: 58 KHz or 8.2 MHz

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This unique tags uses a patented clip-on mechanism that allows you to protect your merchandise without leaving any marks on even the most delicate materials.

Key Features

• Pinless protection

• Strong visual deterrence

• Blinking LED light

• Battery conservation mode