Falcon™ AM EAS System

Falcon™ AM EAS System

Soaring to New Heights

Key Features

• Provides alert when an event occurs
   by both programmable multicolored
   light and audible alarms

• One of the highest detection rates in
   its class

• Detects both labels and ferrite

• Jammer detection

• Aesthetically pleasing design to
   blend seamlessly into the
   surrounding décor with custom
   colors available

• M2M TechConnect

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• Product code: EASHW-FALCON

• Frequency: 58 kHz

• Dimensions:

   59.88” H x 15.55” W x 4.33” D
   (including covers)

• Supply Voltage:

   100-120 VAC @ 60Hz, 150W

• Each pedestal provides 6 ft. EAS
   coverage (3 ft. on each side of each
   pedestal). Two pedestals can cover up
   to 12 ft